RV Land Lots

The least expensive way to store your RV is an RV land lot. These lots are inexpensive because they are not covered. You are allowed to park your RV on the lot, in a parking spot. This allows you to take advantage of the facility's security features, such as private fencing, security cameras, and adequate lighting.

While your RV will be protected from robbery and vandalism, it will still be exposed to the elements and extreme weather conditions. Many RV owners don't mind that, because their RV would be exposed to the elements if they stored it at their home, as well. A lot of communities have HOAs, and they often don't allow RVs to be parked in driveways or beside homes, so RV owners who live in those areas have to find somewhere else to park.

A land lot can be an excellent choice. Even though you won't get protection from the weather, just knowing that your RV isn't going to be stolen or vandalized while you're not using it can really help you feel better about your choice of storage. An RV is a target for some vandals, because large RVs often have TVs, electronics, and other items that can be stolen and sold. Having your RV broken into or stolen can feel like a nightmare, and can also be expensive, even with good insurance. Avoid all of that, and park your RV at a land lot location, so you can have peace of mind.

Since it's not expensive to get a land lot parking spot for your RV, you won't be spending a lot of money for the safety and security you're getting. It's well worth the price, since your RV is such a big investment. Don't pay all that money for an RV just to put it at risk by parking it somewhere that isn't secure, when you can get a parking space in a land lot for a great price. Check out the facility first, and get an idea of what kind of security features it has, so you can make the best choice for protecting your RV. That way you won't have any regrets about where you chose to park, and you know your RV will be ready and waiting when you want to travel.