Covered Parking Spaces

One of the most popular ways of storing an RV is in a common covered RV parking space, which is a parking space with a roof. It's a very simple design and doesn't protect from all the elements like an enclosed space would, but it's also much less expensive.

Most RVs don't need extreme protection from the weather, because they're made to be used. They can handle the summer sun and winter snow, but it's a good idea to protect them at least a little bit if you're not going to be using them for a long period of time. It's just easier on the paint and finishes that way.

The covered parking space protects your RV from rain and sun, but not from wind, so there can still be a risk if the wind really blows hard. That's especially true if you live in a climate where there can be dust storms, because the dust and fine sand hitting your RV can be hard on the paint. That's something to consider, but it shouldn't stop you from using a covered parking space for your RV. Many people do, because it's among the easiest and least expensive ways to store their RV when they aren't using it. While this type of RV Storage does not have any amenities, it is an economical way to store your RV when not in use, and better than trying to park it at your house, where you might not have room.